My complete list of publications with written contributions is listed below. Click on the title to download a PDF of the publication. ADS Library of Matthew Kenworthy's publications.

Vector-apodizing phase plate coronagraph: design, current performance, and future development [Invited]
Doelman, D. S., Snik, F., Por, E. H., et al. (2021)
ApOpt, 60, D52 [ADS]

A high-contrast search for variability in HR 8799bc with VLT-SPHERE
Biller, B. A., Apai, D., Bonnefoy, M., et al. (2021)
MNRAS, 503, 743 [ADS]

Discovery of a directly imaged planet to the young solar analog YSES 2
Bohn, A. J., Ginski, C., Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2021)
A&A, 648, A73 [ADS]

Upper mass limit for prograde circumplanetary disks around Beta Pictoris bA search of the Hill sphere around the young exoplanet Beta Pictoris b through photometric monitoring from several observatories places strong upper limits for the dust, implying that all material has condensed into moons or accreted away: Kenworthy et al. (2021) A&A, 648, 15.

The β Pictoris b Hill sphere transit campaign. I. Photometric limits to dust and rings
Kenworthy, M. A., Mellon, S. N., Bailey, J. I., et al. (2021)
A&A, 648, A15 [ADS]

BEAST begins: Sample characteristics and survey performance of the B-star Exoplanet Abundance Study
Janson, M., Squicciarini, V., Delorme, P., et al. (2021)
arXiv, arXiv:2101.02043[ADS]

Exoplanet imaging data challenge: benchmarking the various image processing methods for exoplanet detection
Cantalloube, F., Gomez-Gonzalez, C., Absil, O., et al. (2020)
SPIE, 11448, 114485A[ADS]

The asymmetric light curve seen towards V838 TauA tilted disk surrounding an unseen substellar companion is the best explanation for the asymmetric light curve seen towards the youny binary M dwarf system V838 Tau. van Dam et al. (2020) AJ, 160, 285.

An Asymmetric Eclipse Seen toward the Pre-main-sequence Binary System V928 Tau
van Dam, D. M., Kenworthy, M. A., David, T. J., et al. (2020)
AJ, 160, 285 [ADS]

Searching for proto-planets with MUSE
Xie, C., Haffert, S. Y., de Boer, J., et al. (2020)
A&A, 644, 149 [ADS]

Lightcurve of a periodic eclipse from KeplerThe periodic brightening and dimming of a star in Kepler can be modeled as the transit of a close-in planet with a circumplanetary disk that shows forward scattering. van Kooten et al. (2020) MNRAS, 499, 2817.

Periodic brightening of Kepler light curves: investigating the possibility of forward scattering due to dust clouds
van Kooten, M. A. M., Kenworthy, M., & Doelman, N. (2020)
MNRAS, 499, 2817 [ADS]

Unveiling the β Pictoris system, coupling high contrast imaging, interferometric, and radial velocity data
Lagrange, A. M., Rubini, P., Nowak, M., et al. (2020)
A&A, 642, A18 [ADS]

Disk Evolution Study Through Imaging of Nearby Young Stars (DESTINYS): A close low-mass companion to ET Cha
Ginski, C., Ménard, F., Rab, C., et al. (2020)
A&A, 642, A119 [ADS]

METIS high-contrast imaging: design and expected performance
Carlomagno, B., Delacroix, C., Absil, O., et al. (2020)
JATIS, 6, 035005 [ADS]

The star TYC 8998 and its two planetary mass companionsA second planetary mass companion to TYC 8998, with a mass of 6 Jupiters, making it the third directly imaged multiple exoplanet system. Bohn et al. (2020) ApJ, 898, 16.

Two Directly Imaged, Wide-orbit Giant Planets around the Young, Solar Analog TYC 8998-760-1
Bohn, A. J., Kenworthy, M. A., Ginski, C., et al. (2020)
ApJL, 898, L16 [ADS]

First Images of the Protoplanetary Disk around PDS 201
Wagner, K., Stone, J., Dong, R., et al. (2020)
AJ, 159, 252 [ADS]

A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main-sequence star AU Microscopii
Plavchan, P., Barclay, T., Gagné, J., et al. (2020)
Natur, 582, 497 [ADS]

The star RZ Psc and its companionThe discovery of a substellar companion to RZ Psc provides an explanation for the frequent but irregular dimming events seen towards the star - material is peturbed by the companion.Kennedy et al. (2020) MNRAS, 496, 75.

A low-mass stellar companion to the young variable star RZ Psc
Kennedy, G. M., Ginski, C., Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2020)
MNRAS, 496, L75 [ADS]

Robustness of prediction for extreme adaptive optics systems under various observing conditions. An analysis using VLT/SPHERE adaptive optics data
van Kooten, M. A. M., Doelman, N., & Kenworthy, M. (2020)
A&A, 636, A81 [ADS]

MASCARA-4 b/bRing-1 b: A retrograde hot Jupiter around a bright A-type star
Dorval, P., Talens, G. J. J., Otten, G. P. P. L., et al. (2020)
A&A, 635, A60 [ADS]

A multiplicity study of transiting exoplanet host stars. II. Revised properties of transiting planetary systems with companions
Southworth, J., Bohn, A. J., Kenworthy, M. A., Ginski, C., & Mancini, L. (2020)
A&A, 635, A74 [ADS]

A multiplicity study of transiting exoplanet host stars. I. High-contrast imaging with VLT/SPHERE
Bohn, A. J., Southworth, J., Ginski, C., et al. (2020)
A&A, 635, A73 [ADS]

The Young Suns Exoplanet Survey: Detection of a wide-orbit planetary-mass companion to a solar-type Sco-Cen member
Bohn, A. J., Kenworthy, M. A., Ginski, C., et al. (2020)
MNRAS, 492, 431 [ADS]

The star TYC 8998 and its planetary mass companionThe solar mass star TYC 8998 and its planetary mass companion TYC 8998b, indicated by a white arrow. Bohn et al. (2020) MNRAS, 492, 31.

ALMA source detection towards the young star J1407An unresolved point source seen by ALMA towards the young star J1407. The detection may be a giant exoring system heated by its central source. The star is not seen at these wavelengths and sensitivities. Kenworthy et al. (2020) A&A, 633, 115.

ALMA and NACO observations towards the young exoring transit system J1407 (V1400 Cen)
Kenworthy, M. A., Klaassen, P. D., Min, M., et al. (2020)
A&A, 633, A115 [ADS]

High contrast imaging with ELT/METIS: The wind driven halo, from SPHERE to METIS
Cantalloube, F., Absil, O., Bertram, T., et al. (2019)
arXiv, arXiv:1911.11241 [ADS]

Bright Southern Variable Stars in the bRing Survey
Mellon, S. N., Mamajek, E. E., Stuik, R., et al. (2019)
ApJS, 244, 15 [ADS]

ESA Voyage 2050 White Paper: Detecting life outside our solar system with a large high-contrast-imaging mission
Snellen, I., Albrecht, S., Anglada-Escude, G., et al. (2019)
arXiv, arXiv:1908.01803 [ADS]

Detection sensitivity in spectra of Beta PictorisSensitivity of the spectroscopic transit search method applied to Beta Pictoris, showing that Saturn radius exoplanets can be recovered from high spectral resolution spectra of rapidly rotating stars without need for refernce star observations. Van Sluijs et al. (2019) A&A, 626, 97.

Spectroscopic transit search: a self-calibrating method for detecting planets around bright stars
van Sluijs, L., de Mooij, E., Kenworthy, M., et al. (2019)
A&A, 626, A97 [ADS]

The PDS 110 observing campaign - photometric and spectroscopic observations reveal eclipses are aperiodic
Osborn, H. P., Kenworthy, M., Rodriguez, J. E., et al. (2019)
MNRAS, 485, 1614 [ADS]

Impact of time-variant turbulence behavior on prediction for adaptive optics systems
van Kooten, M., Doelman, N., & Kenworthy, M. (2019)
JOSAA, 36, 731 [ADS]

Modeling Debris Disk Evolution
Gaspar, A., Apai, D., Augereau, J.-C., et al. (2019)
BAAS, 51, 69 [ADS]

Revisiting the pulsational characteristics of the exoplanet host star β Pictoris
Zwintz, K., Reese, D. R., Neiner, C., et al. (2019)
A&A, 627, A28 [ADS]

Data of Beta Pictoris from TESS with exocomet model overplottedLight curve of Beta Pictoris as seen by TESS. The stellar pulsations of the star have been removed, revealing the shark's tooth transit profile of an exocomet. The black vertical bars show the photometric error bar per data point. The red line is a model of an exocomet fit to the TESS data, and the residuals after the model has been removed are shown in the lower panel. Zieba et al. (2019) A&A, 625, 13.

Transiting exocomets detected in broadband light by TESS in the β Pictoris system
Zieba, S., Zwintz, K., Kenworthy, M. A., & Kennedy, G. M. (2019)
A&A, 625, L13 [ADS]

MASCARA-4 b/bRing-1 b: A retrograde hot Jupiter around a bright A-type star
Dorval, P., Talens, G. J. J., Otten, G. P. P. L., et al. (2020)
A&A, 635, A60 [ADS]

The Single-mode Complex Amplitude Refinement (SCAR) coronagraph. II. Lab verification, and toward the characterization of Proxima b
Haffert, S. Y., Por, E. H., Keller, C. U., et al. (2020)
A&A, 635, A56 [ADS]

Circumstellar disk around Wray 15-788.Image of the circumstellar disk around Wray 15-788. Two rings are visible with a shadowed gap between them. An inner disk casts a shodown on the outer disk, hiding the rest of the circumstellar disks from view. Bohn et al. (2019) A&A, 64, 87.

Discovery of a directly imaged disk in scattered light around the Sco-Cen member Wray 15-788
Bohn, A. J., Kenworthy, M. A., Ginski, C., et al. (2019)
A&A, 624, A87 [ADS]

The little dippers: transits of star-grazing exocomets?
Ansdell, M., Gaidos, E., Jacobs, T. L., et al. (2019)
MNRAS, 483, 3579 [ADS]

Key Technologies for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Coronagraph Instrument
Bailey, V. P., Armus, L., Balasubramanian, B., et al. (2019)
arXiv, arXiv:1901.04050 [ADS]

Discovery of δ Scuti Pulsations in the Young Hybrid Debris Disk Star HD 156623
Mellon, S. N., Mamajek, E. E., Zwintz, K., et al. (2019)
ApJ, 870, 36 [ADS]

Post-conjunction detection of β Pictoris b with VLT/SPHERE
Lagrange, A.-M., Boccaletti, A., Langlois, M., et al. (2019)
A&A, 621, L8 [ADS]

Substellar and low-mass dwarf identification with near-infrared imaging space observatories
Holwerda, B. W., Bridge, J. S., Ryan, R., et al. (2018)
A&A, 620, A132 [ADS]

Historical light curve of the young star J1407Historical light curve of the young star J1407 with data collected over a range of epochs since 1900, used in a search for eclipses due to a putative ringed companion to the star. Mentel et al. (2018) A&A, 619, 157.

Constraining the period of the ringed secondary companion to the young star J1407 with photographic plates
Mentel, R. T., Kenworthy, M. A., Cameron, D. A., et al. (2018)
A&A, 619, A157 [ADS]

Data calibration for the MASCARA and bRing instruments
Talens, G. J. J., Deul, E. R., Stuik, R., et al. (2018)
A&A, 619, A154 [ADS]

Feasibility of the debris ring transit method for the solar-like star HD 107146 by an occulted galaxy
van Sluijs, L., Vaendel, D. A. J. H., Holwerda, B. W., Kenworthy, M. A., & Schneider, G. (2018)
MNRAS, 480, 914 [ADS]

Review of high-contrast imaging systems for current and future ground- and space-based telescopes I: coronagraph design methods and optical performance metrics
Ruane, G., Riggs, A., Mazoyer, J., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10698, 106982S [ADS]

Polarised light image of CS Cha disk and companionAn image in polarised light of the young star CS Cha showing a circumetellar disk. A faint companion to the star is visible, showing a large degree of linear polarisation of around 18%. Ginski et al. (2018) A&A 616, 79.

First direct detection of a polarized companion outside a resolved circumbinary disk around CS Chamaeleonis
Ginski, C., Benisty, M., van Holstein, R. G., et al. (2018)
A&A, 616, A79 [ADS]

Design of the ERIS instrument control software
Baruffolo, A., Salasnich, B., Puglisi, A., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10707, 107071H [ADS]

Modeling of a stepped Luneberg lens for all-sky surveys
Carney, M., & Kenworthy, M. A. (2018)
SPIE, 10706, 107063H [ADS]

Review of high-contrast imaging systems for current and future ground-based and space-based telescopes III: technology opportunities and pathways
Snik, F., Absil, O., Baudoz, P., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10706, 107062L [ADS]

Image of Sirius at 4 microns using a gvAPP phase plateThe star Sirius imaged using the gvAPP coronagraph on the MagAO system with Clio2, showing the two coronagraphic and one leakage term PSFs.Long et al. (2018) SPIE 10703, 107032T.

The hunt for Sirius Ab: comparison of algorithmic sky and PSF estimation performance in deep coronagraphic thermal-IR high contrast imaging
Long, J. D., Males, J. R., Morzinski, K. M., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10703, 107032T [ADS]

Implications for contrast as a result of the wind vector and non-stationary turbulence
van Kooten, M. A. M., Doelman, N., & Kenworthy, M. (2018)
SPIE, 10703, 107032C [ADS]

Review of high-contrast imaging systems for current and future ground-based and space-based telescopes: Part II. Common path wavefront sensing/control and coherent differential imaging
Jovanovic, N., Absil, O., Baudoz, P., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10703, 107031U [ADS]

Single conjugate adaptive optics for METIS
Bertram, T., Absil, O., Bizenberger, P., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10703, 1070314 [ADS]

MagAO-X: project status and first laboratory results
Males, J. R., Close, L. M., Miller, K., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10703, 1070309 [ADS]

Tube map of METIS with APP coronagraphAn abstracted layout of the optical path of METIS, an instrument for the European Extremely Large Telescope. The grating vector Apodizing Phase Plate locations are shown. Kenworthy et al. (2018) SPIE 10702, 10702A3.

A review of high contrast imaging modes for METIS
Kenworthy, M. A., Absil, O., Carlomagno, B., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 10702A3 [ADS]

A precursor mission to high contrast imaging balloon system
Côté, O., Allain, G., Brousseau, D., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 1070248 [ADS]

ERIS grating vector APP coronagraphThe grating vector Apodizing Phase Plate for the ERIS camera, comprised of a liquid crystal substrate between glass plates. Kenworthy et al. (2018) SPIE 10702, 1070246.

High contrast imaging for the enhanced resolution imager and spectrometer (ERIS)
Kenworthy, M. A., Snik, F., Keller, C. U., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 1070246 [ADS]

Cryogenic characterization of the grating vector APP coronagraph for the upcoming ERIS instrument at the VLT
Boehle, A., Glauser, A. M., Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 107023Y [ADS]

Status of the mid-IR ELT imager and spectrograph (METIS)
Brandl, B. R., Absil, O., Agócs, T., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 107021U [ADS]

ERIS: revitalising an adaptive optics instrument for the VLT
Davies, R., Esposito, S., Schmid, H.-M., et al. (2018)
SPIE, 10702, 1070209 [ADS]

APP coronagraph designsgvAPP coronagraph designs in theory and practise with on-sky images. Chapter from "Handbook of Astronomical Instrumentation", Vol. 3.

Pupil Plane Phase Apodization
Kenworthy, M. A., Codona, J. L., & Snik, F. (2018)
"Handbook of Astronomical Instrumentation", Vol. 3, eds. A. Moore and D. Burrows, WSPC[ADS]

A search for transiting planets in the β Pictoris system
Mol Lous, M., Weenk, E., Kenworthy, M. A., Zwintz, K., & Kuschnig, R. (2018)
A&A, 615, A145 [ADS]

The Pre-main Sequence Population of Sco-Cen Unveiled with Gaia DR2
Villa Vélez, J. A., Brown, A. G. A., & Kenworthy, M. A. (2018)
RNAAS, 2, 58 [ADS]

A Planet with a Disc? A Surprising Detection in Polarised Light with VLT/SPHERE
Ginski, C., van Holstein, R., Juhász, A., et al. (2018)
Msngr, 172, 27 [ADS]

SUPERSHARP - Segmented Unfolding Primary for Exoplanet Research via Spectroscopic High Angular Resolution Photography
Parry, I., Queloz, D., Kennedy, G., et al. (2018)
arXiv, arXiv:1801.06111 [ADS]

A New Standard for Assessing the Performance of High Contrast Imaging Systems
Jensen-Clem, R., Mawet, D., Gomez Gonzalez, C. A., et al. (2018)
AJ, 155, 19 [ADS]

Rossiter-McLaughlin effect caused by ringsA ringed planet transiting in front of a rapidly rotating star will distort the stellar line profiles and can distinghish the obliquity of the ring system. de Mooij et al. (2017) MNRAS 472, 2713.

Characterizing exo-ring systems around fast-rotating stars using the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect
de Mooij, E. J. W., Watson, C. A., & Kenworthy, M. A. (2017)
MNRAS, 472, 2713 [ADS]

bRing: An observatory dedicated to monitoring the β Pictoris b Hill sphere transit
Stuik, R., Bailey, J. I., Dorval, P., et al. (2017)
A&A, 607, A45 [ADS]

Periodic eclipses of the young star PDS 110 discovered with WASP and KELT photometry
Osborn, H. P., Rodriguez, J. E., Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2017)
MNRAS, 471, 740 [ADS]

Three Years of SPHERE: The Latest View of the Morphology and Evolution of Protoplanetary Discs
Garufi, A., Benisty, M., Stolker, T., et al. (2017)
Msngr, 169, 32 [ADS]

Looking for rings and things
Kenworthy, M. (2017)
NatAs, 1, 0099 [ADS]

The transiting dust clumps in the evolved disc of the Sun-like UXor RZ Psc
Kennedy, G. M., Kenworthy, M. A., Pepper, J., et al. (2017)
RSOS, 4, 160652 [ADS]

On-sky Performance Analysis of the Vector Apodizing Phase Plate Coronagraph on MagAO/Clio2
Otten, G. P. P. L., Snik, F., Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2017)
ApJ, 834, 175 [ADS]

The peculiar dipping events in the disc-bearing young-stellar object EPIC 204278916
Scaringi, S., Manara, C. F., Barenfeld, S. A., et al. (2016)
MNRAS, 463, 2265 [ADS]

Exploring how large a ring system can be sustained around J1407 with retrograde (red) and prograde (blue) orbits, implying a mass for J1407b of around 80 Jupiter masses.Rieder and Kenworthy (2016) A&A, 596, 9.

Constraints on the size and dynamics of the J1407b ring system
Rieder, S., & Kenworthy, M. A. (2016)
A&A, 596, A9 [ADS]

Direct detection of scattered light gaps in the transitional disk around HD 97048 with VLT/SPHERE
Ginski, C., Stolker, T., Pinilla, P., et al. (2016)
A&A, 595, A112 [ADS]

The Astropy Problem
Muna, D., Alexander, M., Allen, A., et al. (2016)
arXiv, arXiv:1610.03159 [ADS]

All NIRspec Needs is HST/WFC3 Pre-Imaging? The Use of Milky Way Stars in WFC3 Imaging to Register NIRspec MSA Observations
Holwerda, B. W., Bouwens, R. J., Trenti, M., & Kenworthy, M. A. (2016)
JAI, 5, 1650008 [ADS]

High-contrast imaging with METIS
Kenworthy, M. A., Absil, O., Agócs, T., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9908, 9908A6 [ADS]

Preliminary optical design for the common fore optics of METIS
Agócs, T., Brandl, B. R., Jager, R., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9908, 99089Q [ADS]

NIX, the imager for ERIS: the AO instrument for the VLT
Pearson, D., Taylor, W., Davies, R., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9908, 99083F [ADS]

Status of the mid-infrared E-ELT imager and spectrograph METIS
Brandl, B. R., Agócs, T., Aitink-Kroes, G., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9908, 990820 [ADS]

Photo of the dOTF wavefront sensor in South Africa on the 1m telescopeExperimental setup for testing the dOTF wavefront sensor on sky at the 1.0m telecsope at Sutherland in South Africa. Brooks et al. (2016) SPIE, 9912, 991203.

Polarization dOTF: on-sky focal plane wavefront sensing
Brooks, K. J., Catala, L., Kenworthy, M. A., Crawford, S. M., & Codona, J. L. (2016)
SPIE, 9912, 991203 [ADS]

End-to-end simulations of the E-ELT/METIS coronagraphs
Carlomagno, B., Absil, O., Kenworthy, M., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9909, 990973 [ADS]

The path to visible extreme adaptive optics with MagAO-2K and MagAO-X
Males, J. R., Close, L. M., Guyon, O., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9909, 990952 [ADS]

Designing the METIS SCAO and LTAO systems
Stuik, R., Feldt, M., Hippler, S., et al. (2016)
SPIE, 9909, 99090B [ADS]

The size and shape of the Milky Way disc and halo from M-type brown dwarfs in the BoRG survey
van Vledder, I., van der Vlugt, D., Holwerda, B. W., et al. (2016)
MNRAS, 458, 425 [ADS]

A narrow, edge-on disk resolved around HD 106906 with SPHERE
Lagrange, A.-M., Langlois, M., Gratton, R., et al. (2016)
A&A, 586, L8 [ADS]

Modeling of a Giant Exoring System Around the Substellar Companion J1407b
Kenworthy, M. A., & Mamajek, E. E. (2016)
IAUS, 314, 171 [ADS]

Part of Scientific American article written by Matthew KenworthyA popular science article on the J1407 ring system written for Scientific American. Kenworthy (2015) SciAm, 314, 34.

Rings of a Super Saturn
Kenworthy, M. (2015)
SciAm, 314, 34 [ADS]

Searching for gas giant planets on Solar system scales - a NACO/APP L'-band survey of A- and F-type main-sequence stars
Meshkat, T., Kenworthy, M. A., Reggiani, M., et al. (2015)
MNRAS, 453, 2533 [ADS]

APP coronagraphic image of the substellar companion to HD 984Image of the 0.11 Solar mass companion to the A star HD 984 taken using the APP coronagraph on the VLT. Meshkat et al. (2015) MNRAS, 453, 2378.

Discovery of a low-mass companion to the F7V star HD 984
Meshkat, T., Bonnefoy, M., Mamajek, E. E., et al. (2015)
MNRAS, 453, 2378 [ADS]

A Transiting Extrasolar Ring System: Indirect Evidence for Exosatellite Formation?
Kenworthy, M. A., & Mamajek, E. E. (2015)
EPSC, EPSC2015-756 [ADS]

Exoplanet science with the LBTI: instrument status and plans
Defrère, D., Hinz, P., Skemer, A., et al. (2015)
SPIE, 9605, 96051G [ADS]

The dependence of the AV prior for SN Ia on host mass and disc inclination
Holwerda, B. W., Keel, W. C., Kenworthy, M. A., & Mack, K. J. (2015)
MNRAS, 451, 2390 [ADS]

L and M band images of the exoplanet HD 100546bImages of the exoplanet HD 100546b seen at 3.8 and 4.8 microns with the VLT. Quanz et al. (2015) ApJ, 807, 64.

Confirmation and Characterization of the Protoplanet HD 100546 b—Direct Evidence for Gas Giant Planet Formation at 50 AU
Quanz, S. P., Amara, A., Meyer, M. R., et al. (2015)
ApJ, 807, 64 [ADS]

Combining high-dispersion spectroscopy with high contrast imaging: Probing rocky planets around our nearest neighbors
Snellen, I., de Kok, R., Birkby, J. L., et al. (2015)
A&A, 576, A59 [ADS]

Exoring model for J1407bWe interpret the complex eclipse seen towards the young star J1407 as a transit of a giant circumplanetary disk with rings possibly cleared out by one or more exomoons. Kenworthy & Mamajek (2015) ApJ, 800, 126.

Modeling Giant Extrasolar Ring Systems in Eclipse and the Case of J1407b: Sculpting by Exomoons?
Kenworthy, M. A., & Mamajek, E. E. (2015)
ApJ, 800, 126 [ADS]

Searching for Planets in Holey Debris Disks with the Apodizing Phase Plate
Meshkat, T., Bailey, V. P., Su, K. Y. L., et al. (2015)
ApJ, 800, 5 [ADS]

Mass and period limits on the ringed companion transiting the young star J1407
Kenworthy, M. A., Lacour, S., Kraus, A., et al. (2015)
MNRAS, 446, 411 [ADS]

Measurements of phase restardation in a liquid crystal coronagraphThe phase retardation of an APP coronagraph is encoded in the orientation of the fast axis of liquid crystal seen in Otten et al. (2014) Optics Express, 22, 30287.

Performance characterization of a broadband vector Apodizing Phase Plate coronagraph
Otten, G. P. P. L., Snik, F., Kenworthy, M. A., Miskiewicz, M. N., & Escuti, M. J. (2014)
OExpr, 22, 30287 [ADS]

Fundamental Limitations of High Contrast Imaging Set by Small Sample Statistics
Mawet, D., Milli, J., Wahhaj, Z., et al. (2014)
ApJ, 792, 97 [ADS]

Focal-plane wavefront sensing with high-order adaptive optics systems
Korkiakoski, V., Keller, C. U., Doelman, N., et al. (2014)
SPIE, 9148, 91485D [ADS]

Combining vector-phase coronagraphy with dual-beam polarimetry
Snik, F., Otten, G., Kenworthy, M., Mawet, D., & Escuti, M. (2014)
SPIE, 9147, 91477U [ADS]

METIS: the mid-infrared E-ELT imager and spectrograph
Brandl, B. R., Feldt, M., Glasse, A., et al. (2014)
SPIE, 9147, 914721 [ADS]

L'-band AGPM vector vortex coronagraph's first light on LBTI/LMIRCam
Defrère, D., Absil, O., Hinz, P., et al. (2014)
SPIE, 9148, 91483X [ADS]

Detailed light curve of J1407The nightly variation of the light curve of J1407 from 2007, showing strong linear changes in flux from night to night from van Werkhoven et al. (2014) MNRAS, 441, 2845.

Analysis of 1SWASP J140747.93-394542.6 eclipse fine-structure: hints of exomoons
van Werkhoven, T. I. M., Kenworthy, M. A., & Mamajek, E. E. (2014)
MNRAS, 441, 2845 [ADS]

Fast & Furious focal-plane wavefront sensing
Korkiakoski, V., Keller, C. U., Doelman, N., et al. (2014)
ApOpt, 53, 4565 [ADS]

WTS-2 b: a hot Jupiter orbiting near its tidal destruction radius around a K dwarf
Birkby, J. L., Cappetta, M., Cruz, P., et al. (2014)
MNRAS, 440, 1470 [ADS]

Simulations of debris disk collisions in FomalhautSimulation of expanding clouds from collisions in the debris disk around Fomalhaut, which can be detected by looking at the light from a background star moving behind the disk as seen in Zeegers et al. (2014) MNRAS, 439, 488.

Feasibility of transit photometry of nearby debris discs
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